Week 2 Detailed Guide

Here is our Week 2 detailed guide.

Theme- Under the Sea
Life Skill- Table Manners
Physical Skill- do the Hokey Pokey
Cooking- Help make muffins
Vocabulary- Letters D & E
Reading/Oral Language- Read a book out loud together
Math- Numbers 1-5
Hands on- Trace Square
Handwriting- D & E
Craft- paper plate Fishbowl

Introduce life skill- Table Manners: sitting at the table properly, asking to be excused, etc
Handwriting- Show how to write letters D & E. Practice writing these letters
Coloring- Color a picture of sea life. Talk about different types of sea life

Physical Skill- Dance the Hokey Pokey
Vocab- Recognize letters. Worksheet- find and circle the letters D & E

Math- Sort shells into groups of 1-5
Reading- Read a book outloud. Encourage child to repeat words or sentences.
Craft- Make a Paper Plate Fishbowl (color a plate blue and draw fish or use stickers)

Hands On- Trace Squares
Cooking- Make muffins together
Bible Lesson- Read the story of Jonah. Color a picture and talk about the story.

Review the lessons for the week


Paula said...

Kelly, you have great activities to keep Mr. Man busy but not overwhelmed. ♥ I remember you at his age, you wanted the same book over and over. That is how you learned to read. Ü

Love you, Mama

Paula said...

I just remembered something. Remember that song Jami used to sing about Jonah? And the the who-did swallow Jonah song. That is a great song to listen to. Ü

love, Mama

Kelly~ At My Sink said...

Thanks Mama :) He did great yesterday. We had to keep taking breaks because he would get frustrated with writing the letter B and say he was tired and wanted a nap. ROFL
Oh yea I do remember that song! Maybe I can find it on YouTube.

Paula said...

I found a smiley face notepad Saturday. It reminds me of the one on Blues Clue. I want to get a big pencil and then it will be off to him. Ü