Funny how life works out

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you plan to do nothing and then all of a sudden you have something every single day? That has been us this week. It's our first week of school so I had a planned a quiet week at home getting CJ into a nice little routine but as is life, that has not happened. Monday and Tuesday went basically as planned. Tuesday I was just exhausted though! Do you ever have those days? You wake up tired and nothing you do makes you have more energy? Well that was Tuesday for me. We did spend an hour or so up and down from the table coloring and practicing writing his name. We started writing the letter C but he insisted on finishing it out and writing CJ instead, but that's ok by me. I did little to no housework Tuesday though. Wednesday we made a day of it and went down to see my Mama. My van has been in the shop so I went to pick it up and spent the rest of the day with her. We went and got some goodies from a local bakery and met a cousin to loan her a Moby wrap for her new little one. On the way home I picked up KFC for supper (Thanks Mama!), came home, ate supper and did little else the rest of the day.

So then that brings us today. My husband was unexpectedly home today so I took advantage of having an extra pair of hands and got a few things done that I couldn't do myself. The backseat of our van has been sitting in our living room since we moved into our house in June and CJ's bed frame has been sitting on the front porch waiting on a 2nd coat of paint. It's just been way too hot to get it painted though! Both of those things are now in their proper homes. Then last minute we were invited to lunch with his parents for his aunt's birthday. My house was a mess and I needed a shower so I opted to stay home and clean while he took CJ with him to lunch. My house thanks him for it too. I had about 6 loads of laundry to do, dished piled up and a living room that looked like a tornado went through it. I'm almost done with my to do list though, just waiting on the washer and dryer to do their thing, so I sat down to plan next week's menu and blog.

Tomorrow we're planning to spend most of the day out at the lake with my best friend and her little girl and have a picnic lunch, then CJ is supposed to spend the night with my parents so I might get to enjoy my clean house for at least a day!

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