February in Review

Hello there my dear friends,
After months of not blogging, creating a new blog and then taking a break from that one I have decided to unearth this blog and make a fresh start. No more big plans for the blog either. I just want a place I can talk about everything and nothing in particular.

So let's start with this last month in a quick review. Actually it will be more like 2010 so far in review.

To start, I went back to work. From 2000-2006 I worked as a waitress at my grandparents seafood restaurant. And this year when it opened for the season I said why not go back and help out the family and make a little extra money. So that's just what I did. I miss CJ terribly during the day but I do enjoy being back at work. When we close again in April I won't return to work, I'll continue to be a SAHM but for the time being I am enjoying it.

Also in big news, we are planning a move! By April we will be out of our current house and into a new one. I am hesitant about leaving my family, I will be an hour away, but I am looking forward to a new chapter in my little family's life. I am using this an opportunity to free our home from all the clutter that we have been collecting for the 4 years we have lived here. If we don't absolutely need it or love it, its going out of here! And then even some of that stuff is getting tossed as well. The Salvation Army will either love me or hate me for the next few weeks.

And now onto something equally important. My Budget/household finances. I created a new household binder right after Christmas and it is a must have for any Domestic Goddess. I will do a detailed post about my binder later. I also have been menu planning again and it has made a huge difference in not only my day but my grocery budget as well. I have almost cut my monthly budget in half since 2009! I will post about menu planning later as well. We do need to seriously work on the amount of money we spend on junk food, eating out and other "treats" but I also know with the move that will take care of itself.

Now here are my totals for February.

Grocery: 205.24
Health & Beauty: 15.94
Pet: 48.60
Treats/Misc/Eating out: 206.61
Clothing: 58.49
Holidays: 76.40
Diapers: 9.01

Under Misc- New Bedding, Ink for printer, workbooks/craft items for CJ
Holidays- 4 birthdays and Valentine's Day
Clothing- Not typical to spend this amount. But I purchase a new pair of shoes, some shirts on sale for $1, several items from the thrift store as well as a pair of rain boots (aka Wellington's) from Target for $25