My little stockpile

I've been collecting a nice little stockpile of items through couponing. Most items I got for free or close to it. I didn't pay more than $2 for anything in my stockpile, including the laundry soap.

Guest bathroom sink- 5x Laundry soap and 4x toilet bowl cleaner

Kitchen Sink- 6x Lysol wipes, 4x Lysol spray cleaner, 2x Fantastik, 1 Window cleaner, various kitchen cleaners in the back

4x Glade candles, 3x Lysol Neutra Air, 1x Glade spray, 2x Febreze, 1x big bottle of Joy, 1x Dawn dish soap (and an empty bottle I put soap in for the hubby to use outside), 7x Gain dish soap

9x Axe body wash, 9x Olay body wash, 3x Colgate, 2x Olay soap, 4x Sauve shampoo/conditioner, various half empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner LOL

2x Sauve, 4x Skintimate, 2x Pantene, 20x deodorant


Wordless Wednesday

I love Wordless Wednesday :D

This is my cleaning bucket. I keep specific cleaners in the room where they belong, oven cleaner in the kitchen, toilet bowl cleaner in the bathrooms, etc. But I have this bucket with all my general cleaners in one basket so I can take it around with me when I'm cleaning. It has my all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, air freshener for a quick spritz when I get done cleaning each room, disinfecting wipes, furniture polish, Comet, gloves, trash bags, a duster, a Mr Clean magic eraser and paper towels. Everything I need to get a room all clean.


Menu Plan Monday

It's time for menu planning at Org Junkie!

Monday- BBQ Chicken Legs, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
Tuesday- Pot Roast
Wednesday- French Toast, Bacon, Eggs
Thursday- Chicken & Rice
Friday- night off. Will probably grab a chicken & sides from Food Lion since they have an awesome deal on Fridays
Saturday- Sloppy Joes, Mac & Cheese
Sunday- Chili, Cornbread

Update on Week 1

OK so the fridge didn't get done yet. I did however tackle a smaller project like my baking station. It looks so much better and I have my workspace back again.


And after:


52 Weeks of Organizing

Laura over at Org Junkie, same fabulous lady who does Menu Plan Monday, is doing a 52 week Organizing Challenge. You can read all about it here. I'm still working on my list of 52 places/items I want to organize but I have enough of a start to get me through the next few months while I think of more.

And today is Week #1. My first order of business is organizing my fridge. It needs to be cleaned out and organized.

Some other things I want to get done is all my kitchen cabinets and drawers, one at a time, our closet, our dresser drawers and both bathrooms.

Keep checking back to see how it goes and check out this post to watch other bloggers progress with the challenge as well.


Wordless Wednesday

These are actually from the snow we had the day after Christmas but I've been meaning to share them so what better day to do it?