Coffee with Friends

Good morning friends! I just found the most wonderful little blog called Home Sanctuary and she has a series called Small Things. It's all about doing the small things to make your home into a sanctuary. I am thrilled to be participating.

Tonight for dinner I'm planning on making Pioneer Women's Tequila Lime Chicken. I love all things mexican food so I am so looking forward to making this dish. Topped with some fresh pico de gallo and sour cream. YUM! For now though we're about to head out to the lake.


Diane said...

Yum - love PW's recipes, and made her rosemary dinner rolls last night. You wouldn't think just adding a few things to frozen rolls would make them taste so heavenly.

Speaking of which, that lake looks divine! Happy boating!

the.bain.family. said...

yay for a new Company Girl! Welcome. I am planning on making a pioneer woman pizza recipe next week.

CindyC said...

I have yet to try PW's recipes, but I love to drool over her pictures (of food and other photos taken so artfully).
Welcome to the Company Girls party! :)