Menu Plan Monday

Yes I realize today is Sunday. But I'm putting my menu up now while I have a minute since we have company coming later. Over at orgjunkie.com Laura has Menu Plan Monday. I will be participating in MPM this week! Any blogger is welcome to join so if you menu plan I recommend joining.

Sunday- Beef chuck steaks, mashed potatoes, Eclair Cake
Monday- Taco Salad
Tuesday- Chicken & Rice
Wednesday- homemade Pizza
Thursday- Sloppy Joes, homemade fries
Friday- marinated chicken, potato salad

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Paula said...

the eclair cake looks very tasty, let me know how you like it.

What is the chicken marinated it?

Love, Mama

Kelly~ At My Sink said...

It was very yummy! I made it today and we had it after supper. It was really quick to make too, less than 5 minutes to make other than the time it needs in the fridge.
I bought some honey teriyaki marinade from Walmart to do the chicken in. I think it's KC Masterpiece.

Miss Mommy said...

I agree with your mom- that cake loks fab! I love when my mom or mil leaove comments on my menus b/c it makes me feel like we're doing life together even tho I'm across an ocean!

Thanks for stopping by-

Emily/Miss Mommy :)

FoodontheTable said...

Eclair cake sounds delicious! Have a great week!

SilverMoon Dragon said...

The cake looks so simple and delicious. Pity it wouldn't be simple here, since most of the ingredients would have to be homemade because they are sold in Australia!