Meal Plan Monday- And my IP is here!

It's time to meal plan once again, but this week I get to plan a little differently! Why you ask? Because my Instant Pot is here! I'm already in love with it. So let's talk about IP before we meal plan shall we?

I received my IP on Wednesday. I admit I've always been intimidated by pressure cookers. I was nervous about using it. According to the manual the first thing to cook in it is water. Yep, just plain water. So I jumped in and boiled water in my IP. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. LOL After that I cooked some eggs in it. I hate peeling eggs. These eggs were the easiest eggs I've ever peeled. Win!

But I knew it was time to upgrade to actually cooking a meal. First up I did pork chops. I seasoned some boneless pork chops with Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper and sauteed them in the pot. Did I mention you can saute in the IP?! You can, and it's amazing. Then I made a gravy using water, cream of chicken soup (yea yea I know, canned cream soups. Don't hate me LOL), and a pack of onion soup mix. Cooked for 18 minutes on high pressure and did 15 minutes of NPR (natural pressure release). Served it with instant rice. The pork chops were so tender. Here's where I got the recipe, I added the onion soup mix. http://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/easy-pork-chops-in-mushroom-gravy/

Sunday's we usually order pizza delivery and watch Once Upon a Time. But I wanted to use my Instant Pot again so I made Salsa Chicken. I took 1# of chicken breasts and put them in the pot with a jar of chunky salsa. Hit the Poultry button, added 5 more minutes and let it go. I did NPR while I made some homemade guacamole and got all the taco stuff ready. Then I shredded the chicken and we ate it on tacos and nachos. It was so simple and saved us around $20. 

Now let's get down to meal planning for this week. I'll add IP to the end if I'm cooking it in the Instant Pot. 

Monday- Spaghetti (IP) 
Tuesday- Sloppy Joes, Mac N Cheese
Wednesday- Mississippi Chicken Thighs (IP), Mashed Potatoes
Thursday- take out or leftovers
Friday- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Saturday- Baked Potato Bar (IP)
Sunday- Roasted Whole Chicken, Potato Salad, some kind of other veggies LOL Chicken and potatoes will be cooked in the IP 


It's time to meal plan!

Here we go again! Meal planning Monday. I've been a bit off of my meal planning game since I started working. But we've been eating out entirely too much so I need to get back to it. Plus I just ordered an Instant Pot and it should be here tomorrow! I've been stalking the tracking info since it shipped.. haha. This should help a lot with our eating out. I haven't named her yet since I haven't met her, so we'll just call her IP for now.

So here's the plan for the week.

Monday- We'll be having BBQ chicken, homemade potato salad, and mac and cheese since I have one kid who hates potato salad! Imagine that.

Tuesday- This is a long work day for me, so we'll be having grilled cheeses

Wednesday- I'll have my IP! So I'll be experimenting and making one pot spaghetti

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday- Pork chops in the IP, rice, and green beans

Saturday- My mr and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage on Saturday so we're spending the day at the beach!

Sunday- I haven't gotten this far. haha. I'll probably make a whole chicken in the IP and we'll have some veggies and rolls to go with it.

Enjoy your week!