Here I am...

When I first started blogging over 2 years ago I was newly married and we had no children. I believed I needed to be the perfect wife and housekeeper. And in the beginning I was pretty good at it. My house stayed spotless, supper was done when my husband came home. I had my days all planned out in lists and notes kept neatly in a binder. Eventually it becomes hard to keep perfect lists and still have a real life. Especially once a baby comes along. My old blog was still a reflection of the person I used to try to be. This one is a fresh start. A chance to have a clean slate and show the real me. The messy housewife and crazy mom. I have lists galore but they're hung on the fridge or get on sticky pads covered in scribbles drawn by a toddler who now fills my days with fun and exciting things to do and learn and messes to clean. But would we would really have it any other way? I know I wouldn't.

Instead of a perfectly vacuumed floor its now scattered in crumbs and toys and coloring pages colored outside the lines. I no longer have a constant need to keep my house in perfect order. I keep it as tidy as a tornado named CJ will let me. Its rarely "company ready" but thats ok. So this blog won't be filled with stories from a perfect housewife and stay at home. It will be filled with stories of the person I am today. I spend a great deal of time at my sink. Washing dishes, sitting with CJ at the bar beside the sink coloring and playing with little cars, or crafting on the counter. Its where I do my best thinking. Its like the clouds clear and my mind can just be free. All my thoughts are in order when I'm at my sink. And all those thoughts will be brought right back to this blog. And my hope is that everyone that reads it, enjoys a glimpse into my life.