When the going gets tough.......

the tough gets going! Some friends and I are doing our own Biggest Loser contest. We just had our 5 week weigh in today. I've lost 7lbs since we started, and then today.... I gained around a lb and a half. I could easily lay the blame on circumstances beyond my control. But I'm no longer making excuses. Excuses turn into more excuses that turn into more excuses. This week I was pretty lazy about my workouts and definately about my eatting. I made bad choices. But thats in the past now. Today is the start of a new week. I'm working to better my life, make myself healthier. I have a wonderful support system both online and "irl".

So with that... Onward we march.... I have big plans for the day. First on the list is to throw away all the candy thats left in the house from Valentine's Day. With the exception of my hubbys candy, half of that will go into his truck and the other half will be put in a tupperware container in the top of the cabinet. If I don't see it, I forget about it and therefore I don't eat it. I also need to take a much needed trip to the Post Office to drop off 20+ packages. *yikes* Its alittle cool outside today but perhaps I can talk my sister into taking a walk with me as well.

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