Playdough and Paints

My friend Mandi turned me on to some new blogs full of toddler activities. On one of those blogs was a link to homemade bath paints. So CJ and I set out to make them this morning. He had fun mixing them up.

But in the tub he didn't care much for actually painting with his fingers

Instead he turned them into boats:

Next time I'll bring out the paint brushes, I think he'll like that better. You can find the recipe for the bath paints as well as many more ideas at Pepper Paints

A few weeks ago I participated in a Craft Swap with my girls at AMH. I received my box of crafts last weekend, and yesterday we pulled out the Playdough made by Jennifer and CJ had a blast playing with it.


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Paula said...

In that first pic, He looks so serious! I love his face in the second pic. Gosh, I could just eat'em up!!!

I adore that boy!!!
Lovingly, Mama