He's not a baby anymore

Where does the time go? I'm constantly amazed at the things my son can do and the new things he discovers. Everything is new and exciting to him. Recently he learned how to drink out of an open top cup without spilling anything. He can also climb up the steps just holding onto the rail, no more crawling up them on hands and knees for him! And he's so opinionated. When I tell him its time for a diaper change and he's not ready he very clearly and firmly tells me "not yet". I could go on and on about all the new things he does, but I'll stop. LOL

Today as a treat I got him an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. He looked so grown eatting his cone.

Oh and the ice cream in his hair? That was my fault. LOL I stuck the cone in his hair climbing the steps into the house.

Well I'm off to finish up the Tacos and get the kithen tidied so I can make a Caramel Pumpkin cake for our playgroup's potluck tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

He is so cute! He sits so nice and straight, too!!! I love that boy!

Mama (a.k.a meme/grandma)

Katy said...

Oh my goodness, he is so cute! :)