Christmas Traditions

I just love all the traditions that come with the holiday season. Over the past few days I've really been thinking about the traditions that my little family has and the new traditions I want to start. From cookies and milk for Santa to staying up late and wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve to looking at Christmas lights all the way. It all just makes me so giddy and feel like a child again. I remember when my husband and I were engaged, it was our first Christmas together and he said "you know I don't really like Christmas that much". I just thought Are you kidding me? How can someone go through the holiday season without feeling all the love and magic that comes with the holidays? Lucky for him I stuck it out even though he was a Scrooge. And over the last couple of years since our son has been born I've noticed every Christmas he gets into the Christmas Spirit just a little bit more than the year before. It feels my heart with joy. And then there is our little one. This year all the magic is really alive for him. Even though this is his 4th Christmas, this is the first one that everything is starting to come together for him and he really GETS Christmas this year. Every morning he is so excited to open the next window in the Advent calender. Even though I know it's only because he wants the chocolate it's still so cute to watch him get excited about it. Next year I plan to start earlier and make our own Advent calender with activities in the windows rather than candy but I didn't think about it until too late this year.

When we happen to be out past dark his eyes light up at all the Christmas lights. I can't wait to take him out riding just to look at lights closer to Christmas. It's going to be awesome.

So until next time..
Happy Holidays!

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Jamie said...

He he, I did chocolates too, and was also thinking I'd rather do little special things each day. My kids are loving it too, though!