Flylady round 5,895

OK not really but I have done Flylady more times than I count. It is a wonderful program that does do wonders for you if you stick with it. I just have issues sticking to anything for more than a couple of weeks. But with a little poking from a friend who is starting Flylady for the first time I decided to give it another go. I need structure and a plan for my house so I'm looking forward to getting started. I have held on to some of the ideas from Flylady even during the time I wasn't following her program so I should be able to just fall right back into place without too much trouble.

And since it's Day 1, it means my first task was shining my sink.

All done :-)

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Maaike Quinn said...

Hi there! Good luck with the BabySteps! I've recently done them myself and I love them! I wrote about them as well. You are more than welcome to visit me on my blog: