Planning for next year

Christmas isn't even over for us yet, we celebrate Old Christmas with my parents on Jan 6th, but already I'm getting in gear to plan for next year. Christmas comes on Dec 25th every single year, so why aren't we all better prepared for it? Did you know that if you set just $5 a week aside until the first week of November starting the first week in January you'll have $215. That's a nice little chunk of money set aside to your Christmas shopping. If you can spare $10-$20 a week instead of just $5 you can double or even quadruple your Christmas budget. You can also start with the after Christmas sales to start your shopping for next year. Get a plastic tote and set it in your closet, spare room or somewhere else in your house where you have an empty corner. As you pick up little things put them in your tote and come Christmas you have a nice stockpile of gifts already! Make a list of all the people you normally buy for and keep it in your household binder, Holiday notebook, etc so you can jot down gift ideas, gifts that you pick up for them, etc.

Remember, gift sets on clearance now can be taken out of the packages and put in a nice basket or other container next Christmas and you have a super cheap gift that looks expensive.

You can also buy your Christmas cards on clearance this year so you're prepared for next Christmas. Same goes for wrapping paper, tape, gift tags, etc. It takes a little organization but with some planning you'll be on top of the Holiday season before it even gets here. And don't forget about those stamps! Purchase a couple books of forever stamps throughout the year so you'll be ready to mail those cards without having to make a special trip to the Post Office.

What else can you do now to get ready for Christmas 2011?

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