Man I am a slacker

I am such a slacker blogger. LOL I have good intentions of blogging but then I just forget or I don't have time. But I would love to make a goal of blogging 3-4 times a week. So I'm going to set that goal and we'll see how it goes. LOL

So yesterday we celebrated Valentine's Day as a family. I put my burgundy and off white tablecloth on the table, the closest thing I had to V-Day related LOL, and put cut out hearts all over the table. Our meal consisted of NY Strips, baked potatoes, salad, toast and chocolate chip cookies. It was much better than trying to go out to eat and not to mention cheaper.


Jamie said...

Very cute, I love it!

idi said...

Nice, that you prepared such a nice meal on Valentine's day. As my husband doesnt love such "forced" holidays and as he thinks it is better to love one another during the whole year, I have decided to write him a postcard at the beginning of every month - a very lovely one and then he would read it and we will talk about it and I get a smart and long kiss - so our Valentine's day was on February 1st

idi said...

By the way you are perhaps a slacker but perhaps this means that's it's so bad that you only can improve it - as a German proverb tells :-)