What? Another blog post only 2 days after the last one?

So snacks. We go through a lot of snacks around here. It's a big part of our budget, which I hate, and it encourages mindless snacking. I need to start keeping some healthier snacks around the house. I want to take the money I usually spend on snacks and put it toward fresh fruits, especially with the spring and summer coming up. But my husband does like something sweet to snack on after dinner. So I plan to start making cookies, brownies, etc and freeze them in individual portions to pull out for dessert. I can also do things like chocolate pudding and Jello for dessert with just enough leftover for a snack for CJ the next day.

One of my friends Angie posted a recipe for a Crustless Apple Pie snack. It would make a perfect quick dessert that can be easily tweeked for someone that isn't watching their weight by topping it with whipped cream or putting it on top of a graham cracker crust.

Recipe: Crustless Apple Pie Snack

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idi said...

Within the last weeks we several times ate vanilla pudding and today my husband asked whether I could buy chocolate-sauce to add it next time