My little stockpile

I've been collecting a nice little stockpile of items through couponing. Most items I got for free or close to it. I didn't pay more than $2 for anything in my stockpile, including the laundry soap.

Guest bathroom sink- 5x Laundry soap and 4x toilet bowl cleaner

Kitchen Sink- 6x Lysol wipes, 4x Lysol spray cleaner, 2x Fantastik, 1 Window cleaner, various kitchen cleaners in the back

4x Glade candles, 3x Lysol Neutra Air, 1x Glade spray, 2x Febreze, 1x big bottle of Joy, 1x Dawn dish soap (and an empty bottle I put soap in for the hubby to use outside), 7x Gain dish soap

9x Axe body wash, 9x Olay body wash, 3x Colgate, 2x Olay soap, 4x Sauve shampoo/conditioner, various half empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner LOL

2x Sauve, 4x Skintimate, 2x Pantene, 20x deodorant

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idi said...

Hello "at my sink" - I love such items, too but I often convince my husband to not buy too much of the same kind... but first use one - because otherwise for me it's like being clutter... but if it's ok for you - you are surely saving a lot of money by this. yours, idi