Rotisserie chicken

When I was grocery shopping this weekend I decided to make a little "splurge" purchase. We're trying to cut down on our eating out but that doesn't leave a night off for me and we all know that we moms need a night off once in awhile. So I stopped by the deli and got a cooked Rotisserie chicken for $7. Then I picked up a package of Uncle Ben's rice that you cook in the microwave for 90 seconds for $1.25. The chickens are on the smaller side so our family of 3 ate half the chicken and the pack of rice for supper that night for a total of $4.75. Much better than a meal out at a restaurant that usually costs around $20.

The other half of the chicken I shredded up for some chicken soup. I didn't have any egg noodles but I had half a box of lasagna noodles in the cabinet , so I took the lasagna noodles, broke them up into smaller pieces and put them in a pot of water with the shredded up chicken. I added some chicken bouillon, garlic powder, onion powder, and some herbs and let it cook. The total for this meal was around $4.50 or so when you add in the price of the spices. Our family of 4 (we have a house guest, Chris' 10yr old cousin, this week) ate out of this soup and there is at least enough for one more meal, most likely a lunch for me, CJ and our house guest this week. So that brings the cost for one meal of the soup down to $2.25.

So this $7 splurge item gave us at least 3 meals. I think I'll have to "splurge" a little more often.

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