Chore Chart

I have been toying with the idea of making a chore chart for CJ. He loves to help do things around the house and he loves sticker charts so I decided it was finally time to give him his own chores. I took a piece of poster board, cut it down a little and used my yard stick to make a chart. I left empty spaces so that I can add new chores without making a new chart. I decided to go with the little star stickers because I can peel them off at the end of the week and start over. You can get a pack of 400+ for around $1 plus $0.50 for the poster board so it cost a total of $1.50 to make this chart.

Right now his chores are:
Get Dressed
Make Bed
Brush teeth (he gets 2 stickers each day for this one, one in the morning and one at night)
Pick up toys (2 stickers here as well, we do toy pick up after lunch/before quiet time and before bed)
Put clothes in hamper
Set Table (there is a possibility to get 2 stickers here as well, one at lunch and one at supper)

He also has some other "chores" that he helps me with during the day but I decided not to add those to the chart because they aren't consistent every day things he *has* to do, if that makes sense.
Sort clean silverware and put in drawer (forks, spoons, measuring spoons and butter knives only)
Take clothes out of dryer
Help Vacuum
Fold wash clothes and dish rags

One more thing I also started this week is quiet time after lunch. CJ gave up naptime way before he was even 2 and by mid-afternoon he is super cranky. So today I set the time for 20 minutes, turned on the TV in his room and put him in his bed. He stayed in there for the whole 20 minutes, laying quietly on his bed so I'm hoping this will help with the crankiness.

Last note- I'm going to be making a few changes to the curriculum guide tonight. I will leave up the old guide and repost the new one when it's finished. It's basically the same with just a few tiny changes.


My Boaz's Ruth said...

How old is your son? My son will be 3 and we are considering starting him on regular chores.

Kelly~ At My Sink said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! My son turned 3 in March. He has been doing fabulous with the chore chart. This week I added a new chore to it and I want to try to add a new one each week.

Lisa said...

Nice job Kelly!!