Grocery budget for this week

Last week I was over in our grocery budget. I spent $75 (including the chicken I posted about the other day) at Food Lion and $17 (pullups and a few snacks for the house) at Dollar General. We opted to save the gas money from driving an hour to Walmart and stick to shopping near home. It cost a little more but it evened out with the gas.

This week however I was visiting my family so I was already near WalMart. I did pretty good this week. I spent $72 but that includes some school supplies and sunscreen that I needed as well. I stuck to my grocery list though so I'm proud of myself!

What I bought:
bell pepper
2 big packs of top sirloin that were on sale for $5 each
loaf of bread
box of tea
bag of rice
gallon of milk
cool whip
Jello (4 boxes, to make Jello jigglers)
Jello pudding (to make a chocolate eclair cake)
graham crackers
pack of cookies
chocolate frosting (for the eclair cake)
bottle of marinade
paper plates
plastic cups
box of apple pies (groan. My son begged for an apple pie all day long. I don't know where he say apple pie or why he wanted some but all day he asked to eat apple pie. So I picked up a box of those apple pie snack cakes)
2 cans chef boyardee
pk of juice
2 pks toilet paper
jiffy cornbread mix
modeling clay
paper bags
notebook paper

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