I rarely remember to post my shopping trips to my blog. But this week I actually remembered. LOL I didn't use many coupons this week since most of what I bought was Food Lion brand as part of their Private Brand Super Sale. But I'm pleased with what I got.

First I went into FL with my list. I had 2 detailed lists on items I wanted to get so I went early before they could get busy. I did trip #1, took those items to the car and then went back in to get the items from list #2.

Trans #1
20oz Mt Dew 1.69 (no sale LOL I was just thirsty)
FL hamburger buns 1.27
2x FL Pudding packs 1.98
2x Propel 1.00 (cost after Q- Free)
FL muffin mix .69
FL seasoning pack .89
FL gravy mix .89
FL bread 1.29
2x FL cereal 2.79 (bogo)
3x FL 2lt drinks 2.85
FL can pineapple chunks .79
FL can pineapple rings .79
2x FL Ketchup 2.00
6x FL yogurt 2.70
FL fries 2.00
Digiorno Pizza 5.00 (after Q- $3)
2x FL biscuits 1.38
2x FL biscuits 1.98
FL gallon milk 3.88
Home360 straws 1.29
Marcal paper towels 1.19 (after Q- $.19)
Home360 trash bags 2.19
Home360 travel baby wipes 1.69
Home360 plates 1.79
Home360 bleach 1.39
Pampers Easy-ups 7.99 (after Q- $5.99)

Qs used-
$1/2 Propel
$2 Pampers Easy Ups
$1 marcal
$2 digiorno FLIP

Got $8.25oyno
OOP- 49.56

Trans #2
FL cherry poptarts 1.79
FL strawberry poptarts 1.79
FL salt .47
FL 1lt Sparkling water .79
3 cans peas 1.80
FL mashed potatoes 1.69
Bananas .99
FL frozen corn 1.59
FL frozen broccoli 1.25
FL waffles 1.99
FL frozen okra 2.39
FL shredded "taco" cheese 1.67
3x FL shredded cheese 5.00
Pampers Easy Ups 7.99 (after Qs- $5.99)
2x Home360 tin foil 2.78
Marcal paper towels 1.19 (after Q- $.19)
2x Colgate Toothpaste 2.79 (on sale BOGO. after Qs- $.79 for both)

Qs used-
$2 pampers easy ups
2x $1/1 Colgate
$1 marcal
$8.25oyno Cat

Got $4.50oyno
OOP- 26.14

Then I ran into Dollar General. I needed some items that are generally a little cheaper there. Normal grocery stuff that I have to get. Coffee, juice boxes, etc.

Maxwell House coffee 4.25
Gain Fabric sheets 2.75 (after Qs- -$.25)
2x Pedigree Dentastix 4.00 (after Qs- Free)
Gillette body wash 2.75 (after Qs- $.75)
Sugar 2.25
Honey buns 1.50
Koolaid Jammers 2.00
2x 2lt mt dew 2.50

Qs used-
2x $2 Dentastix
$3 Gain fabric sheets
$2 Gillette bodywash

OOP- $14.25

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