Pretty Pops

CJ and I made Lollipop Flowers yesterday. I found the directions at Full Circle. I cut out the circles and he helped punch the pops through the paper and crunch it up around the lollipop.


And heres my new table setting. All ready for Spring! The napkins and placemats I got on sale at Walmart and the candles/holders CJ and I put together.

Also, I made Zucchini Chips. This was actually my first time even eatten Zucchini and I must say they turned out SO GOOD.

I cut up one Zucchini and tossed the slices with olive oil and garlic powder. Then I spread them out on a cookie sheet and baked them until they were almost done. I then sprinkled some cheese on them and let them bake until the cheese was melted and alittle crispy.


Katy said...

I want to try that zucchini recipe. It looks yummy (and I even have one in my fridge right now!).

Mama said...

Those lollipops were so cute. Thanks for sharing them with me.

I'm not so sure I am ready for zucchini yet. :0/

Hugs and Kisses to you and CJ!
Love, Mama (grandma/meme)